The Bees Knees Photography Co. The Bees Knees Photography Co.

About Us

Together for over 10 years we have always shared a mutual love of Art and Photography. Having both studied Fine Arts, we enjoy bringing the collaboration of Art and Photography together in our photographs. We feel the use of "natural light" is most beneficial because it truly captures the beauty and emotions within the moment, providing an image that cannot be attained any other way.

Our goal is to provide clients with images that they will cherish for a lifetime, moments that they will never forget. The greatest compliment anyone could ever give us is when they look at a photo we have taken and say, "Yes, that is captured us perfectly." It gives us a sense of accomplishment to know that they will always look at that image, smile and remember the moments of that day.

Warmest Regards ~ Tony & Beth Parenti

"You don't take a photograph, You make it." ~Ansel Adams